B.O.O.K. What does it mean?

I was sitting at my computer trying to think of a catchy, clever name for my learning journey last night, and was at a loss until my boyfriend came up with B.O.O.K. What does B.O.O.K. stand for? Big Ocean of Knowledge, of course!

So from here on out, this learning journey of mine will be referred to as the B.O.O.K. project.

I am so excited to start this journey, and I hope that some of you will even join in. So today, I am sharing my reading list, my schedule (until end of October), and my analysis guidelines.

📚 Reading List 📚

I am starting my B.O.O.K. project with my favourite genre of all time: Fantasy 🐲

Here is my lineup:

The Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini (5 books)

The Poppy War Series by R.F. Kuang (2 books)

The Broken Ones Series by Jen Wylie (4 books)

The Sweet Series by Bailey Ardisone (4 books)

Ashes From the Sun by Django Wexler

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

From Fire and Shadows by J.F. Baptista

The Conductors by Nicole Glover

New Reading List
Download DOCX • 31KB

To see my full lineup for the entire project, download this document.**

📚 Posting Schedule 📚

For the most part, reviews will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Any analysis posts will be done on Sundays.

Now, while this does seem daunting, I did choose 4 different series for my fantasy section because I love fantasy series, and I couldn't do this without including The Inheritance series!

This is the longest section that I have for the whole project, so if you were considering joining in, don't let this next month deter you! The rest of the sections are, for the most part, standalone books.

📚 Analysis Guidelines 📚

Here are the analysis guidelines that I will be following when analyzing each book/series. I have 5 key points that I will be looking at.

  1. Writing Style

  2. Plot Structure

  3. Character Development

  4. Worldbuilding

  5. Theme/Message

📚 Wrap Up 📚

What are your thoughts? Will you join me in this journey?

I know a lot of you probably won't care about the B.O.O.K. project at all, it's a very self-serving thing that I'm doing for myself. But look at it this way, you at the very least get some very pretty book pictures to look at! ✨

I appreciate all of you lovely people who take the time to look at my content. I hope you enjoy the next year or so as much as I do, and maybe you'll learn something along the way. Who knows?

I'll see you all tomorrow on Instagram and Facebook to talk more about section one of the B.O.O.K. project. Until then, have a fabulous day, and stay safe.

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**Please note: some slots are blank for my new releases, that's because I will be choosing those books as I get to certain sections. I will not be going through each section in this order, I will announce my sections as I go.